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About the way I practice:



I believe that a life well examined is a life worth living.It's important to truly know yourself, and what your strengths and limitations are. Patient focused therapy is my focus, as your needs, desires, wishes, and goals are what's important.


I have done much work within the LGBT Community, and with couples across all orientations. Couples bring their own personal histories and experiences into the their relationships forming "unconscious contracts" with each other. I help them understand what those are between each other, in order to help them have a better understanding of why they chose each other, and help them to enhance their relationship.


I work with couples and individuals coping with loss (job & personal), addictions(sexual & substance abuse), divorce & infidelity. I help people recognize their maladaptive patterns and the purposes they have served, and help them find new ways of coping and moving on in their lives.


The professional relationship that I have with all my patients is based on collaboration, mutuality, and respect. I have always tried to model healthy beginnings and endings in my therapeutic relationship, as that is what patients will need to deal with throughout their lives..beginnings..and endings.

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